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Trying hard December 25, 2007

Posted by maidincanada in Personal.
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While some people are amazed with the way I write in Filipino which sometimes get into my head (yeah I admit it) here I am trying hard to blog in English.

It’s 1:50 in the morning, almost two hours after Christmas Eve, I am alone here in the kitchen and have decided to update my maid in Canada’s blog.  After accepting couples of app’s in facebook I don’t have the energy to bloghop anymore.  But reading through the wp-news in my dashboard I saw Matt’s entry about his experience with the snow when he was a kid.  It is my first winter snow but at this time which I supposed, must be snowy outside (well I saw a lot of movies where snowflakes are falling and  Christmas songs are supposed to be played), but not actually.

No snow.  No Christmas carols.  No kids with their giant socks.  No noisy glasses of wines.  It is sad and lonely.

But as I hit the extras and clicked the snow falling, it lifts me up……..but only for a little time because the snow in my blog will last for just a few days.



1. chuvaness - December 26, 2007


got yah! hahahah

monetize it is!!! korekted by ka jan…ito ang magdadala sa tin sa rurok ng tagumpay! hahhaha

a’m also keeping another blog for the same purpose you got here…

2. maidincanada - December 27, 2007

mwahahaha! nadale mo ko tukayoooooooooooo!!! naku try ko lang to pero mukhang hindi pwede maglagay dito ng entrecard e ayaw ng wordpress ibig sabihin kailangan ko ng sariling domain ulet.

3. chuvaness - December 27, 2007

korekness..ipa domain mo na to agad…kase mas malaki ang offer pag may sariling bahay

o kaya mag blogspot ka na lang tapos pa domain mo na yun para alang hassle sa hosting…500pesos lang naman diba

pede yata yun multiple domain sa manilenya mo no?

ako kase yung blogspot lang yung isa ko..so far nakaka 50$ na ko…ahihihihi

yayaman na tayo!!!!

4. chuvaness - December 27, 2007

tukayo …edi maidintoronto.com

or maidinvancouver.com

kung asan ka man…hehehe

o kaya maid4you.com ahahaha

o kaya maidintondo.com -> uyy catchy tapos gawin mong comedy blog


5. maidincanada - December 29, 2007

heheheh parang type ko yung maid4you lol! heheheh uunga no maidintondo sabagay dun naman talaga ako ginawa ng tatay at nanay ko lol!

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